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We here at Game Over Taxidermy, are one of the leading specialists in our field, situated in Kimberley, Northern Cape, with an extensive range of clients from all across the globe. Browse our website for more information, or view our gallery page showcasing some of our latest works.

We create trophies for clients all around the would, and are situated in Central South Africa, so we receive trophies from professional hunters all around South Africa. We also use the latest technologies in taxidermy, we sculpt our own manikins, and create trophies that are totally unique to each other. Contact us if you would like more information

About us

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Game Over Taxidermy was the result of my (Raynardt van der Merwe’s) childhood dream. To own trophies of the majestic animals which I hunted since a very young age on our family farm deep in the bush veld of South Africa. My talent developed as a sculptor, with a deep love for African wildlife and after the guidance of Mr. George Nell senior, whom also trained Mr. Nico van Rooyen, my life plan was finally shaped and the goal was to own one of South Africa's most promising taxidermy studios. My motto is to have a studio and not a factory and to have an immense passion for my work, not an immense shop.

Every trophy is formed and shaped for every individual skin and all skins are hand shaved. These are just a few reasons why most hunters prefer their work to be done by us.

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