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We here at Game Over Taxidermy, are one of the leading specialists in our field, situated in Kimberley, Northern Cape, with an extensive range of clients from all across the globe. Browse our website for more information, or view our gallery page showcasing some of our latest works.

We create trophies for clients all around the would, and are situated in Central South Africa, so we receive trophies from professional hunters all around South Africa. We also use the latest technologies in taxidermy, we sculpt our own manikins, and create trophies that are totally unique to each other. Contact us if you would like more information

About us

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At Game Over Taxidermy, we are so much more than just a team of highly skillful taxidermists – we are also experienced hunters. The ethical and responsible hunting of various species, the true corner stones of conservation, is of paramount importance to all of us.

At Game Over Taxidermy, we appreciate every opportunity to strive towards our Vision, "To preserve that special moment in a lifelike state" as it was experienced by our valued customers during safari's.

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